This are the great (8) mistakes that causes Breakup

Breaking up is never easy, but there are things that can point you in the direction towards it. Very often we think that people break up because of major issues such as cheating and it is true to some extent. The thing is that apart from major issues there are small mistakes that add up and lead to a break up in the end.

You should never gossip behind the back of your significant other, after all, you are the part of the relationship, and you made your choices.

2. fights and quarrels 

It is true that fights are inevitable, but you do not have to start it every time you are in a bad mood, your partner may not be even a part of the problem.

3.The place

Very often, we forget to put ourselves into the other’s shoes, once you learn that you may become not that judgy after all.

4. You can’t just stop
When we fight, we may say things that can never be taken back, and that is what ruins the relationship. That is why it is so important to be able to stop right in time.

5. Comparison 
It is never a great idea to compare your partner to someone else. We are all different, and no one of us is perfect that is why if something bothers you – you talk it out instead of blaming your partner for not being perfect.

6.Proper Discussion 
Silence is great if it is appropriate but not all the time, keep it in mind.

7.Being honest
If there is something that bothers you – you should speak up. Otherwise you will be just burning yourself from the inside and pretending while your partner may never know how you really felt.

8. Postponing 
If there is a problem, it is better you solve it straight away instead of postponing. You should bear it in in mind that sometimes it may be too late to solve something that is already broken!



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