Remember this 10 things you shouldn’t do when broke

While some things may be beyond your control like if your boss will give you a raise, or the economy will suddenly shoot up in the coming month. However, you can prolong your financial lull through bad financial decisions like spending when you actually should be frugal.
There are purchases you may try to justify and call them ‘needs’ or that your life cannot go on without it, but more often than not, you’ll find that you’re going to be just fine.
Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do when you’re broke.
1. Don’t eat at restaurants
If you compound the amount of money you spend every day eating out, especially lunch time, you’ll realise it sets you back a few hundreds or even thousands that could’ve been saved by either skipping a meal, or carrying a meal to work or wherever you go.
2. Paying for cable television
Cable TV is pretty expensive, whether or not you get some shows for free, but you know your favourites are the premium channels. But imagine how much you pay monthly, vis-à- vis your broke state, and take a break from it.
3. Go partying with friends
Funny enough, not everyone has money around the same time as the others, and even so with your friends. Yes, FOMO is real, but no money in the wallet is even more real because you can’t go out broke. You need money, even if it’s for one drink or a few bitings, or a ride back home.
4. Paying bills late
This is especially so with utility bills, if you skip paying, they keep accumulating.
5. Pretending you have more money than you actually do
Don’t try to show that you have money because people will expect a lot from you. You don’t have to let people know the severity of your situation, but also don’t pretend you have the cash to spend when you don’t.
6. Quit your job
If you have a 9-5, keep it, at least until you’re able to stand financially, otherwise when the bills come and you have no other source of income, it may not look good for you.
7. Spending time doing unproductive things
When you’re broke, it’s not time to bum on the couch watching television. Get thinking of ideas on how you can make some extra money, like using your talent, a hobby, a side gig, or improving your knowledge so you can get better pay.
8. Don’t waste
This isn’t the time to waste water, or leave lights on all over the house, or even eating carelessly. It’s time to be wise and frugal – turn off lights when not in use, do your own laundry, and eat only what you can finish.
9. Don’t drive when you can walk or take the bus
Cars can be quite costly if you use them on many short trips like going to the market, when you can walk there, or visiting your neighbor. Save the fuel, and use cheaper modes of transport, or just stay home.
10. Don’t think the situation will fix itself
Money cannot change itself. You have to change it for it to work for your situation. You can make it better by cutting on expenses, and find ways of increasing your income.



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