Reasons why you shouldn't be just friends with your "EX"

There are those people who are strong enough to pull off such an arrangement, and we give kudos to them. However, most people only agree to this friendship after heartbreak arrangement out of the hope that fences could probably still be mended. Like we said earlier, bad idea. We’re not saying you should hate your ex or be sworn enemies, but you need some space to heal and get used to not being with them anymore. It’s not easy to deal with a breakup, but deciding to be close to your ex will make it even more painful.
Here are  reasons why it’s a bad idea to be close
friends with your ex after a breakup:

1. Like seriously, It’s just unnecessary
The world is full of new people you can be friends with. Put the past and your ex behind you and move on. It’s not easy, but you can do it. We believe in you.
Is there any good reason to stay friends with your ex? NO! 

2.It makes you get hurt  like putting fire in your mouth 
No matter how strong you are, you still need time to grieve like a normal person. You’ve just lost the person you love. They don’t love you anymore or you don’t love them anymore. Either way, trying to be close immediately after the breakup will cause you more pain than necessary. Give it some time and space. You owe that to yourself and your heart.

3. It’ll make it harder for you both to move on
Even if the breakup was a mutual decision, which it rarely is, it’s hard for both parties to move on. Insisting on being friends will make it even harder for you to put the relationship behind you. This situation is usually worsened by the fact that one  person probably didn’t want the relationship to end.

4. It will sure  annoy your new partner
Being friends with your ex will not go down well with your new partner. Before you say “he’ll just have to deal with,” put yourself in his shoes. Would you like that? Uh huh, we thought so.



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