How to Measure Your Height by Yourself at Home

 How to Measure Your Height by Yourself at Home

If you need to know your height but there's no one around to measure it for you, don't worry. There are several ways you can accurately measure your height by yourself.


  • A measuring tape, a ruler or a yardstick
  • A mirror
  • A pencil
  • A small box or thick BOOK


    1.   Grab a hand mirror, a flat plastic one foot ruler; and put a pencil in you shirt pocket

    2. Stand up straight against a wall with your left shoulder touching the wall, the ruler in your right hand and the mirror in your left hand
    3. Hold the mirror in front of you such that you can see the top of your head as wall as the wall which would be on your left.
    4. With your right hand, place the ruler flat on your head going from one ear to the other.
    5. Slide the ruler until its end touches the wall. Use the image in the mirror to make sure the rular is perfectly horizontal.
    6. While holding the ruler firmly against the wall, move yourself away and use the pencil to make a tiny mark on wall where the ruler is touching.
    7. Measure the distance from the mark to the floor. That is your height.




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