How to Control a TV with Your Android Phone

Using an Android with an Android TV

  1. Install the Android TV Remote Control app from the Play Store

    Image titled Androidgoogleplay.png
    . This free app lets you use your Android phone as a remote control for your Android TV. [3]
  2. Connect your Android to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android TV. This is required so that the phone can communicate with the TV.
  3. Open the Android TV Remote Control app. It’s the blue rectangle icon with a round gray dial.
  4. Tap your Android TV. A 4-digit PIN will appear on the TV screen.
  5. Type the PIN into the Android app.
  6. Tap Pair. The Android phone is now paired with the TV.
  7. Use your Android phone to control the TV. Tap the house icon to go to the Home menu, and use the arrow buttons to navigate



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