Are you in a relationship? 4 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last Long

4 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last Long
Perhaps you just got into a new relationship, or you’ve been dating someone for a while, but either way, you’ve found yourself feeling a bit worried about your future together, looking for signs your relationship won’t last.

You probably feel your partner is pulling away a little, or maybe your passion for each other is beginning to fade. Or you just have weird feeling deep down in your gut that something isn’t right and you don’t even really know why.

1. Your passion for each other is fading

When you feel your passion for your man or even just your passion for everything in general fading, then you know you’ve got a real issue to deal with. Also, if your
man seems like he has lost interest in doing things he once enjoyed, that could be a sign, because it shows that
he (or if it’s in your case, you) no longer really care.
When your guy no longer has preferences, it usually means he has one foot out the door already.

2. He goes hot and cold on you

This is a huge sign that your guy might be getting ready to check out of your relationship. If you’re constantly confused about where you stand with him or how he feels about you, that’s definitely a problem. It doesn’t show that he’s on the fence about things, but it’s also frustrating for you if one week he seems cold and distant, and the next he’s showing you all of the
affection in the world.

3. You fight more often than before

The occasional fight or disagreement is very normal, but increased (and frequent) fighting especially over issues that seem small and petty can be a red flag for sure. I f your partner picks a lot of fights with you, it could be a sign of some greater unhappiness. Most times, if someone is being extremely argumentative about minor things, they are holding onto deeper issues that they’re struggling with.

4. He sseems distant and withdrawn

If your guy seems distant or withdrawn from you lately, it just might be that he’s going through a rough time — maybe work has been stressful lately, or there’s some family drama going on behind-the-scenes. But, his distance from you could also be an indication that he’s no longer truly happy or invested in your relationship anymore, especially if he doesn’t seem very present or thoughtful when he’s with you. It might be a tell tale sign that he is feeling smothered or not happy in the relationship.



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