A set of people who’ll never succeed: are you one of them?

A lot of things have been said around the topic of success and if you are already tired of reading or hearing them, then saddle up because there will still be more on the topic.

Success appeals to everyone, even babies. This is why they would try repeatedly to achieve one thing: walking. It does not matter how many times they fall, they will keep trying till they get it right.
Therefore, people everywhere talk about what to do if you want to succeed.
 However, I want to draw your attention to a set of people who will never succeed, no matter what they do and who knows? You just might be one of them but I truly hope you are not.
One group of people who will never succeed is the one that always give excuses. Were you waiting for something more groundbreaking? Well, this is the simple truth I want to share. Give it some thought and you will agree with me.
Success is a thing of the mind. Until you can awaken yourself to the need to succeed and actively pursue it, you will never clinch it. Meanwhile, ‘actively pursuing it’ means that you take responsibility for yourself, actions and situation. 
People who make excuses for their inadequacies or failures will remain as failures. They will say that they failed because they were not given the chance, they are not beautiful enough, someone else had more connections, they were cheated, etc. 
They assume they can never do anything about their situations. In fact, rather than spend time on sorting their issues out, they would rather sit around and complain about how incompetent other people are and how fake their lives are.
Life demands that you fight for your success. So fight you must, in your own little way!



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